En estos tiempos que corren, de caos, muerte y destrucción, los músicos estamos ociosos ante la falta de conciertos y/o ensayos. Eso me ha permitido crear este nuevo proyecto, un mero entretenimiento, musicalmente sin límites y con objetivo de soltar todo el vinagre que llevo dentro. Ya lo decía Shrek, mejor fuera que dentro.


Hi, after some years releasing free profiles I’ve created an intertesting pack that I called LORD OF THE RIGS. It is available for just 8 € and it includes:

55 Profiles from the cleans of Rivendel to the gain of Mordor

ENGL Savage 120 & 60, EVH 5153 100W, Engl Blackmore, Marshall JCM2000 TLS
Cabs: Engl Pro 4×12, Engl Pro 2×12, Mesa 2×12


+ Old free packs (193 profiles)
+ Previously unreleased profiles for Metal (most EVH5153)
+ Clean profile with FX (you can copypaste this FX preset to any other clean profile)
+ Solo profile with FX  (you can copypaste this FX preset to any other profile)

9 setups, from clean to hi gains
2 cabinets (Engl Pro Straight, Mesa Rectifier)
…………………..TOTAL 18 profiles ………………………..
Mic: SM57
Merged Profiles, directly from output of the head. You can combine them with other cabs.

No post editing, they are raw as they were profiled.

A bit darky…tweak at your taste and enjoy them!


Download here:


Download here

-These profiles have been taken right from the SPEAKER OUT of the amp. That means they are AMP DIRECT profiles but with cabs ON.
– Update your Kemper to 3.0 or more
* If you play them through a transparent solid state poweramp you’ll get almost the same tone as the real amp…and then through your favorite CAB
* Profiles have a merged cab that you can turn off/on in case you want live tone or studio tone (Engl Pro and Mesa OS) – You can also combine amps and cabs with other authors profiles
* Adjust CLEAN SENSE and DISTORTION SENSE to your taste and according the output of your guitar pickups
* Try the Tubescreamer Stomp pedal (DIST Green Dafault) to get new tones
32 profiles from cleans to hi-gain 3 channels, various gain setups, 4 speakers, 1 mic

JE: JEVO (author)
EVH: Amp model
Green: Channel
A: Setup (higher letter, more gain)
SP1: Number of speaker


I’ve added a CLEAN BASS pack. This was my first time profiling an bass amp.
Hope you like it.

3 Diferent Eq’ed profiles from LINE OUT (no cab)

1 Pre EQ profile from LINE OUT (no cab)

3 Diferent Eq’ed through AMPEG SVT 8×10 & SM57

Download here